Burger Brews documents the experiences of four regular Capetonian “bru’s” in our search for the best burger spots in Cape Town. Of course, what is a good burger without a good brew?! The value of the craft beer offerings at the various establishments forms an important component of the overall experience.
We review each restaurant we visit and provide ratings based on the five categories which form part of every dining experience.

We call them the 5 B’s; Beginnings, Burgers, Beers, Bringers, and Background.
Beginnings = starters
Burgers = enough said
Beers = enough said
Bringers = waitrons
Background = ambience

What do we base our ratings on?

Beginnings – variety on offer, taste, value for money
Burgers – choice, flavour, quality of the patty, sides
Beers – choice offering of craft beers available
Bringers – personality, attentiveness, speed of service, knowledge
Background – is there a vibe?

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews of restaurants serving craft beer and burgers in Cape Town. Please feel free to email us your thoughts/suggestions to hello@burgerbrews.co.za